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Chicken Coop Design and Construction

Chicken coop photos and design ideas from the subscribers of our free Keeping Chickens Newsletter. Many coop design and construction photos as well as detailed descriptions of the building of several traditional - and not so traditional - chicken coops!

Thanks to John Thomson from Australia for sending in photos of his completed 'Chook' Tractor which he built for a total cost of just AUD $10!


"Well the weather has warmed up somewhat so I bent the mind to making a Chook tractor. Problem is we need to move it regularly and previous experience showed that the weight and un-moveability of a full size tractor made it difficult as well as the chooks escaping under the coop when it was lifted; Solution split it in half.

Everything apart from the palings was sourced from junk lying around the home or from the local tip shop. The wire netting was found lying on the street, the wheels are from an old golf buggy.

The coop is made from treated pine (not the nasty stuff) and is all screwed together with galvanised screws. One side has off cuts of Laserlite roofing to provide rain shelter. I will paint it with Parasoline (weathering glass house paint) in summer to provide sun shelter.

Now to introduce two or three chooks.

Regards - John Thomson
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia"