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Chicken Coop Design and Construction

Chicken coop photos and design ideas from the subscribers of our free Keeping Chickens Newsletter. Many coop design and construction photos as well as detailed descriptions of the building of several traditional - and not so traditional - chicken coops!

"I would like to share a few photos of our new "Hen House". It was made on an old boat trailer that allows us to relocate it every couple of weeks."

Thanks to Robert Hall for sharing these photos of his moveable chicken coop.



"Those that don't keep chickens think it is a little over the top. Maybe it is but with 'style'... "

"I have included storage, nesting boxes, auto feeder, and now auto water. With a electric netting fence around the coop, most worries are removed. The house can be closed up every night and the girls are ready in the morning. It has been great fun building it with my wife and kids."