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Chicken Coop Design and Construction

Chicken coop photos and design ideas from the subscribers of our free Keeping Chickens Newsletter. Many coop design and construction photos as well as detailed descriptions of the building of several traditional - and not so traditional - chicken coops!

Thanks to Mimi and Moose Anglin for sending in these photos of their completed chicken coop.

"My Husband, Moose, gave me 27 day old chicks for Mother's Day. They are mixed, some are regular and some rare. He built me a beautiful chicken coop. It has a ramp that the chickens walk up at night, a light in the nesting house and green plastic chicken mesh around the sides and on the top.

The nesting house top and side open for easy cleaning.

Our German Schnauzer, Brillo der Pottscrubber, is guarding the chicken coop."